Spy X Family Review, Recaps and Everything You Need To Know

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Everywhere I look, I see her face The Spy Family has concluded and quickly risen to become the biggest spring anime of 2022, and if you’re part of the anime community, you can’t hide from this face, but as usual, it’s up to me to change the name of this anime to something a bit more realistic to Desmond Slayer.

This content contains slight spoilers for Spy X Family, and if you want to be assassinated by them, be sure to check my previous content Let me give you a brief summary of the anime.

Miyuki from Love’s War realized that being student council president wasn’t paying the bills, so he became a spy known as Twilight. Twilight gets sent on a mission to Berlin, which never gets old. His mission is to kill Desmond, a man who leaves his house about as often as an otaku. The only time he’s seen in public is at special school meetings for his children. Oh, next, Twilight visits the tyrant of the 1980s and concludes that no woman is worthy of him, which is exactly why we have Anya, the greatest matchmaker of our time, to give Twilight that extra push. This is Kaguya. I mean, you’re she’s been an assassin from a young age to provide for her brother.

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Okay, jokes aside, why couldn’t they change the color of blood in modern times to anything other than white? So she asks Twilight to be her pretend boyfriend, but Miyuki learned his lesson from Love is War and isn’t about to spend another three seasons trying to ask a girl out, so he goes straight in for the proposal. me [Music] anya Can anyone do it? Probably not, but I’m here for the journey. Also, to those people who made the spy family go from 5 stars to 4.9 stars You suck, but I suppose some men just want to watch the world burn Now let’s talk about the characters in this anime, starting off with the only reason we started watching this anime, Anya [Music] This girl is the new baby Yoda, and as much as I hate to compare garbage to Anya, you can’t hide from her no matter what manga you read attack on titan one piece.I mean, when I read Naruto, I didn’t know that she was the one who destroyed the hidden leaf.

I mean, she even did a Naruto training arc Mid anime which is why today i will be adding a special segment called power scaling anya We all know Satoma’s death punch, but Anya does death-defying sit-ups to prove that she’s solo and invincible. We also know that Damien takes an energy blast from Dragon Ball Z and that Anya solos Damien with no difficulty, which just means that she solos Goku as well, which leads us to the real question: Does Anya solo God? Anya is an amazing character who has without a doubt helped to grab a bunch of normies and get them into watching anime. She, without a doubt, has some of the best expressions in anime as well as voice acting. I mean, I could make a whole compilation of her sayings. In fact, I think I will.

This poor girl is on the struggle bus for the entire anime, and I mean, who wouldn’t be? Though he’s so focused on the mission, it’s up to Anya to do the opposite of whatever he wants. I mean, by the end of the anime, even though she got one lightning bolt, he’s still in the corner saying, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance Hey, boss, I’ve got a new anime called Spy X Family. Okay, how many fan service high school girls are there? None, zero, zero underage girls being used for fan service. preposterous I mean, we have one adult. This anime will never succeed Breaking news: Spy Family is now the most popular anime of the season.

What do you know Japan made the best girl that isn’t a child. Can we please get a round of applause? This is you, and just like Rockley, she’s a master of the drunken fist as well as the flashback Unfortunately, she appears when Anya needs her most as a flashback to help her on her journey to become king of the pirates. Unfortunately, thanks to her, we got nearly an endless supply of your cosplays, and that’s the real victory that Anya suffered for. I guess we can talk about her brother, Yuri, on ice. Just why did I decide that I had finally found a nice anime that I could watch with my family? I can finally prove that anime isn’t for weirdos since I reached that episode. Please tell me why it was necessary to have a brother in love with his sister.

Who’s that tsundere It’s Damien. It’s Anya What if Damian is the character who reversed the gender roles? That’s right, the tsundere is the guy this time b-tier Time to speed around the rest of these characters. Mr. Elegant himself, elegant Tyr, the scruffy sidekick who gets bullied most of the time on the anime beat here, and finally the poor guy whose wife divorced him and he lost his only child in a custody battle. Don’t you just feel bad for him? Nope, hit him again, again, Tucker Tear Time for final thoughts and raiding my favorite anime When animes like this and Attack on Titan extend past the anime community, other people who don’t watch anime watch it and enjoy it The cast of this anime was perfect Every character worked so well off of each other, and the way that they were written was phenomenal.

It’s really no surprise that Cloverworks made another phenomenal anime and took another best anime of the season award. There are a lot of people that hate this anime for dumb reasons, but it’s just a lighthearted fun story that you can enjoy. It’s not supposed to be like Attack on Titan, where the plot twist shakes you to your core. I mean, I can’t really think of anything that this anime did wrong at all. It’s just a fun anime that anyone can enjoy without tons of fan service and a complicated plot. It had great comedy, and I honestly just love the anime. My anime list gave this anime a score of 9 out of 10 I will be giving it a score of 9.3 out of 10.

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