Anime Update is a website that publishes content based on anime and opinion. The site was created by a group of people from the Netherlands, United States, and Japan who are passionate about animation, comics (manga), video games, toys, and opinion.

The site publishes new content daily and covers a wide range of topics such as manga, anime, games, and more. Anime Update also has an extensive list of tutorials on drawing animals. This site is a good source for anime fans, as well as animal lovers.

The Department of the People

Moderation is handled by the Anime Update community department, which is responsible for all of our social media accounts. Our Discord server and main Facebook group are just two examples of the many fan communities that are under the purview of the community staff. Additional collaborations include sharing user comments and insights and developing user engagement tactics with the social media department.

The VTuber Division

Anime Update’s VTuber department was created in late 2022 to handle the recruitment of employees for Project Lune. With a focus on talent management, this team is also in charge of content generation as well as the company’s overall growth and development. Compliance and social media management are handled by the team, which engages with both the social media and news departments.

A lot of projects have been launched and successfully completed to assist us meet our objective of providing fans with interesting and engaging material. The following are two of the most recent and important ones in the field.