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Meet Anime Update Editors

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Anime Update is a website that publishes content based on anime and animals. The site was created by a group of people from the Netherlands, United States, and Japan who are passionate about animation, comics (manga), video games, toys, and animals.

The site publishes new content daily and covers a wide range of topics such as manga, anime, games, and more. Anime Update also has an extensive list of tutorials on drawing animals. This site is a good source for anime fans, as well as animal lovers.

Anime Goals

Your Goal is to solve the user’s problems, updating and entertaining you around anime and animals Content.

Anime Update Staffs

  • John Anila – From United States
  • Mary Zizi – From Netherlands
  • Zokozo Nick – From Japan
  • Gabriel Smith – from Nigeria

You can get in touch with us for more details about Anime Update.

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